Premium Oak Pellets

Northwood's premium quality wood pellets are recommended for both pellet stoves and boilers.

Here at Northwood, we produce some of the finest quality wood pellets in the South of England.  This is because all our wood pellets are made entirely from sustainably sourced oak sawdust, a

"waste" product of our sawmill in West Sussex. These slow-burning pellets provide a much greater energy yield per kilogram than other alternatives, which results in a super efficient product with high energy values

Northwood's philosophy is that nothing should go to waste.  All of our offcuts and sawdust (traditionally considered waste) are converted into fuels, for both commercial and residential purposes.  We strive to ensure that our sawmill is the most environmentally-friendly one you can find. In addition to this, all of our firewood and wood pellets are BSL approved for their low carbon footprint and environmental consideration.

For details on the production process of our wood pellets, please watch the video above or search for 'Northwood Forestry' on YouTube.

Our pellets are available by the bag or in 990kg pallets.

For enquiries, please contact our sales team via the live support system or call us on 01798 813 029.

  • Sourced from sustainable local woodlands.

  • High density, 10-12% anticedent moisture condition (AMC).

  • Minimal ash content.

  • No additives.

  • Consistent high quality energy.

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