Timber Care & Accessories

Care and Accessories

Northwood stocks a wide range of timber care products and accessories, including:

  • SPAX All In One Flooring Screws. No pre-drilling required. As the screw is driven in through the tongue, it pulls the board down tight and the screw head is lost within the tongue. Simply amazing all in one screw.

  • Blanchon Fillers to fill knots or splits in Oak boards, if required.

  • Blanchon Colours and Wood Dyes, as well as oils and finishes to give different effects, for example ‘raised grain effect’ or smooth.

  • Osmo Products and Oil Finishes.

  • External Oils such as Osmo UV exterior oil.

  • Osmo Floor Brushes.

  • Door Catches and Ironwork.

  • Sikabond Adhesives for gluing flooring down. Sikaflex MB barriers also available.

  • Sikabond Gluing Applicator Guns and Notched Trowels.

In addition, if you’re laying flooring, you can hire the tools you need to do the job quickly and properly from us. Everything is here in one place.

  • Porta-Nailer for ‘secret nailing’ your floor. The simple and fast way to lay a floor.

  • Industrial User-Friendly Sander. It is necessary to give your newly laid floor a quick sanding in order to open the grain so that your finishing oil can properly penetrate the wood rather than float on the top. This sander is only suitable for new floors. It is easy to use and very effective on new, flat floorboards.

Oils and Finishes

At Northwood, we stock an extensive range of oils and finishes, which are easy to apply, environmentally friendly and provide valuable protection for your wood.

Whether you need UV treatment for outside beams, boards or joinery, or quick drying water based colours and oils for inside joinery and flooring, we can advise you on and supply the right products to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your timber.


Northwood recommends Osmo and Blanchon products to protect and enhance your Oak. For the contractor, we stock Blanchon water based oils that are quick drying, hardwearing and odourless, meaning two (or even three) coats of flooring oil can be applied in one day!  Alternatively, we stock the more traditional spirit based Osmo and Blanchon Hardwaxoils as well as an extensive range of different colours and textures to get the special effect you are looking for.

Care for your flooring

For guides for maintaining your wood floor, click here:

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