Seasoned Oak Beams

Semi-Seasoned Oak Beams

Our semi-seasoned beams are stored outside and are greying in colour as part of the natural seasoning process. As the beams season, they tend to move a little and heart shakes become more apparent. However, the beauty of these beams is that the first stages of drying have taken place outside in our yard and, rather than being detrimental to their structural strength, the seasoning process results in greater stability than freshly sawn beams.  There will also be less movement once they are installed in your building, giving increased structural integrity.  As a result, semi-seasoned character beams are very popular with architects for restoration work where minimal movement is important.

Orders for semi seasoned beams can only be taken from sizes we hold in stock. You tell us the sizes that you require and we select beams to the nearest available size. Once your order is confirmed, we resaw the beams to the exact sizes you requested and you keep the offcuts.

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