Joinery Timber

Air-Dried Oak

For exterior joinery, such as window frames and doors, air dried Oak is the joiner’s choice.


Air dried Oak is stored in stick and has been left to naturally season at a rate of approximately 25mm per year. Therefore, 75mm Oak will have been seasoning for approximately three years before it is stable enough to use.


Here at Northwood, we have a considerable stock of quality air dried Oak from which to choose, in standard ‘through and through’ planks or bespoke cut to size boards. Whatever you choose, you can be confident that Northwood’s air dried Oak will give you the durability and stability you need when exposed to the extremes of our English weather.

Kiln-Dried Oak

At Northwood, we hold a wide selection of quality kiln dried Oak to meet all your interior joinery requirements.

We supply kiln dried Oak from 20mm right up to 80mm in thickness and ‘pre’ dried Oak from 80mm up to 120mm thickness.

It is possible to select kiln dried Oak as ‘through and through’ planks, square edged boards, cut to size boards or cut to size with a planed finish.

All our Oak timber is air dried to below 30% AMC prior to us kilning it to avoid any case hardening or degrade. Once the timber is in our computer controlled kilns it is taken down to optimum moisture content in a slow and controlled manner. Managing the entire drying process ‘in house’ puts us at a huge advantage because we are able to offer you fully seasoned Oak for your project that will remain stable in the modern centrally heated dwelling.

Boards and Sawn Planks

Planks of Oak and other hardwoods are available in various thicknesses: 20mm/27mm/34mm/41mm/54mm/65mm/80mm/100mm/120mm.

Planks can be purchased in either board measure or square edge for all your joinery needs.

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