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Why a Northwood Oak Floor?

When you are selecting a beautiful Oak floor for your home, give some thought as to where it has come from.

At Northwood, we produce our Oak flooring ‘in-house’ - from the tree to the manufactured floorboard. As one of the only remaining active sawmills in the South East of England, we have total control over every stage of producing the finest quality Oak flooring.

We only purchase our Oak trees from sustainable and certified forests within the closest possible proximity of the sawmill. This enables us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

The trees are graded at the sawmill and sawn into square edged packs where they are stored ‘in stick’ to allow them to be air dried.

After about ten months, the wood packs are air dried sufficiently to be transferred into our computer controlled kilns.

After a month in the kilns, the packs of Oak have reached a moisture content of 9% anticedent moisture condition (AMC) and the computer turns the kilns off. The packs are then taken apart and sorted into set widths ready to go through our new six-head Weinig moulder where they are planed top and bottom, tongue and grooved on the board edges and relief grooved on the underneath to reduce cupping.

The next stage in the process is cross cutting optimisation. The timber is cut to specific cutting lists, optimising the lengths in the most economical way to reduce wastage. The machine also cross cuts any defects out of the boards before they travel through Northwood’s new ‘through feed end matcher’ which cuts a tongue and grooved joint on the ends of all the boards making it possible to join two floorboards inbetween the floor joists, considerably reducing wastage.

After travelling through the end matcher, the boards then continue automatically into our treatment machine where they are sprayed with a spirit based insect repellant that is totally colourless but will keep away any wood boring insects.

The boards are now cling film wrapped and stored in our insulated warehouse ready for our customers to purchase.

This whole process takes place in our own sawmill which means we can be 100% confident in the products we offer in terms of both sustainability and quality.

Sussex Rustic 180mm Oak Flooring

Produced in our Sussex sawmill, from the carefully selected square edged plank to the finished floorboard, this beautiful rustic flooring looks particularly good in barn conversions and older restorations where the ‘lived-in’ look is desired. The Sussex Rustic 180mm is a truly beautiful floor, full of knots and deep colours that can be enhanced with a choice of Osmo and Blanchon oils and finishes.

The Sussex Rustic is only available in a width of 180mm and is finished to a 20mm thickness. Floorboards come in random lengths, and are tongue and grooved on all edges as well as having relief grooves on the underneath to reduce cupping. The tongue and grooving on all edges means that the floor can be jointed inbetween floor joists, significantly reducing wastage. Floorboards are also spirit treated with Permetherin to kill any dormant Lyctus eggs and ensure a worm-free future.

The Sussex Rustic can be ‘secret nailed‘, screwed or glued using a flexible Sikabond T54 adhesive.

This 180mm face width floor is at the maximum width recommended for use in conjunction with underfloor heating.

The Sussex Rustic is not recommended for floating installation.

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Sustainably sourced

  • Sawn, kilned and machined ‘in house’ giving us total control of the end product to maintain superior quality

  • Can be used with underfloor heating

Troyes Wide Rustic Oak Flooring

Our Rustic Oak flooring is imported from Northern France as air-dried, sawn Oak boards. These wide boards have been selected from beaming quality trees and are made up from the outside boards of the logs, meaning they come with plenty of character and knots.

Troyes Wide Rustic Oak is a beautiful floor, full of colour. It contains some heart shakes, discolouration and plenty of knots, all of which simply enhance its natural beauty. This is the perfect floor to stain down and achieve that wonderful ‘patina’ that comes with years of foot traffic and polishing. It emphasises the stunning features only available in wide Oak boards and looks spectacular, particularly in older properties or barn conversions.

Boards are kilned in our state of the art computer controlled kilns in Sussex to a moisture content of 9% AMC. Once the kilning process is complete the boards are machined down to 20mm thickness.

Rustic Oak boards are not tongue and grooved like the rest of our floors, simply because of their incredible widths. Troyes Rustic Oak is only offered in random widths up to 325mm and in lengths, from 2.4m to 4.2m.

These floorboards are designed for surface nailing and are supplied as planed, square edged boards. If the customer requires it, boards can be machined with a half rebate along the sides. There are no stress grooves on the underneath of these boards due to the extra wide widths, which make this ideal as an upstairs flooring where the underneath of the floor is exposed.

This floor is not recommended with underfloor heating due to its very wide widths.

Demand for Troyes Wide Rustic Oak is greater than the supply, so it is a floor that you may have to wait a few weeks for but the results will be well worth it!

  • Beautiful, character Oak floor, full of colour.

  • Incredible widths, very long lengths.

  • Kilned ‘in house’ ensuring superior quality.

English Oak Flooring

English Character and Better is our most popular choice of flooring. It is a mixture of Character and Prime Grade English Oak boards, produced from the tree to the finished floorboard ‘in house’ at our sawmill in Sussex.

Character and Better is available in widths from 85mm to 190mm as standard.

The boards are finished to 20mm thickness and tongue and grooved all around. Boards are also end matched so they can be joined between floor joists to reduce wastage.

All boards are treated with a spirit based Permetherin insecticide which kills any dormant Lyctus eggs for future protection (a first in England!).

This flooring is designed to be ‘secret nailed‘, screwed to joists or battens or glued to a suitably dry substrate floor with a fully flexible adhesive such as Sikabond T54.

This floor is not suitable as a floating floor.

Underfloor heating is not a problem with Character and Better, providing that the subfloor is completely cured and the floor is allowed to acclimatise prior to fitting.

  • Low carbon footprint.

  • Sustainably sourced.

  • Sawn, kilned and machined ‘in house’ giving us total control of the end product to maintain quality.

  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

At Northwood we hire out Porta-nailers and sanders and stock numerous types of oils and finishes to enhance your beautiful floor.

Highest-Quality Engineered Flooring

Northwood stocks only the very highest quality engineered wood flooring. It is NOT laminate.

Care for your flooring

At Northwood, we stock a wide range of oils and finishes to enhance your beautiful floor.  Look at our Timber Care and Accessories range here:

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