Premium Oak Firewood


Here at Northwood, nothing goes to waste and our joinery offcuts are turned in to Firewood.  Hardwood firewood (especially oak) is ideal if you want a long burn.  We currently offer firewood in two different variations:

Force-Dried Oak Offcuts

Most of our green-oak offcuts are force-dried in our L-ENZ Lauber drying system for 7-10 days, resulting in a moisture content of ≤ 25% AMC, before being offered as firewood for collection.

This firewood delivers a lower heat output than our premium kiln-dried offcuts, while still providing a clean and long-lasting burn.

Green oak offcuts

Northwood also offers Green Oak as offcuts sold in cages of approximately 1m³ with a moisture content of 30% AMC and above.

These are offcuts from the sawmill that have not been seasoned and are, consequently, cheaper but do not provide the same heat output as our dried alternatives.

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