The Band Mill

This is our Primultini 1300 vertical band mill. It is capable of cutting logs up to a metre in diameter and eight metres in length. This saw is the primary breakdown machine for cutting the round logs into boards and beams.

The Raimann

The Raimann KM500 Multirip machine is used to resaw the falling boards from the primary breakdown saw.  It incorporates moving blade technology, which means that we can adjust the width, without stopping the saw.  The laser guidance employed improves the accuracy of the cut and therefore reduces the waste produced.

The Chipper

The chipper line removes the outside boards of the bandmill and the Raimann, converting this waste into valuable biomass woodchip.  This woodchip is then dried to produce fuel for biomass boilers.

The Resaw

Our 36-inch Robinson Resaw is solely used for converting sawn boards into featheredge boards for cladding.

The Hundegger

We use the Hundegger for planing sawn beams, leaving a smooth finish.  It is also capable of putting micro-bevels on all four sides, upon customer request.  This machine can plane beams up to a dimension of 350mm x 400mm and 8 metres long.  A video of this machine in action can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Kiln

We use a modern Nardi kiln, developed specifically for drying Oak timber. Whilst drying the timber, we introduce steam to eliminate the surface checking often found in kiln-dried Oak.  This kiln has a capacity of up to 45m³. The advantage of kilning Oak is that it becomes a stable product and can therefore be used for internal joinery or flooring.

The Straight-Line Edger

The Stori-Mantel FLS170 edging saw is capable of sawing a straight line through boards up to 125mm in thickness, 500mm wide and 6m in length.  This saw is primarily used for cutting joinery components from the fully-seasoned  board.  The advantage of this modern saw is that the blade moves along the wood, rather than the wood moving through the blade, improving accuracy and eliminating the need to push the board through the machine.

The Weinig Unimat 500

The Weinig moulder incorporates 6 planing blocks and is used for all PAR work and creating our tongue and groove flooring.  It is capable of machining up to 250mm wide boards.

The Endmatcher

The Through-Feed Endmatcher has been specifically designed for us to be able to put a tongue on one end of a flooring board and a groove on the other. This means that you can have an unsupported joint in between two joists, therefore eliminating any waste.  We sell our flooring as random length boards.

The Spindle Moulder

Our dedicated wood machinist uses this machine for the bespoke jobs that do not warrant the set-up times of the Weinig moulder. We use this for intricate work such as moulded hand rails and other detailed one-offs.

The Pellet Mill

The pellet mill is used to convert our dry Oak sawdust into 6mm diameter wood fuel pellets.  It is capable of producing 2 tonnes of pellets per day.  This machine enables us to convert our dry Oak wood waste into a valuable fuel, rather than sending it to landfill.

The KSM Biomass Boiler

This wood waste boiler is used to produce hot water from all waste that is unsuitable for making fuel pellets in the pellet mill.  The hot water produced heats the entire manufacturing facility, offices and is used to dry valuable woodchip and green firewood to produce saleable products.  With the introduction of the biomass boiler we have eliminated any need for waste to leave the sawmill and have further reduced the environmental impact of our business.


Footage of our Hundegger in action.

We recommend speeding the video up to double speed using the settings wheel.

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All Northwood Oak Pellets are produced in-house using our custom pellet mill.

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